Columbus Folk Music Society

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The Columbus Folk Music Society (CFMS) has long been interested in sharing its talent and expertise with young people in order to introduce them to and further their interest in our musical traditions and folk music in general.

In addition to the Bob Kirby Scholarship Program, the CFMS conducts music programs on the near west side of Columbus. This particular outreach started in the spring of 2014. 

Music programs are no longer part of many public school curriculums. Programs of instruction in music and the arts have been shown in many studies to have significant positive effects in childhood development and academic performance.  These outcomes are in addition to the benefits we all know and love:  learning to play music is fun, teaches teamwork and gives the enjoyable reward of an acquired lifelong skill!

“Joyful spirit.  That's what comes to mind when jamming with the kids from Run the Race and watching those who’ve have won Kirby scholarships perform. The future of folk music lies with children simply reveling in the wonder, happiness, and confidence that music sparks.”

   Bill Cohen


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